My Recommendation of Italian Restaurants in New York

Brittany Reiher November 25, 2017 | Food Add comment

New York italian restaurants New York is very well know for its Italian Restaurants. Little Italy is the best place to go where the streets are lined with amazing Italian restaurants.

One of my favorite restaurants in Little Italy is Angelo’s Italian Restaurant, which is located on 146 Mulberry St. Angelo’s has an award winning menu with the most amazing fried mozzarella cheese that you must try if you go there. The restaurant is a little small so it is a good idea to make reservations before you go or you may be waiting a long time.

Another famous Italian restaurant that I have been to probably 100 times is Carmine’s. There are multiple locations of this restaurant. One is on 200 West 44th Street and another is on 2450 Broadway. This is a family style restaurant so it is better to go here with a lot of people. All of the food is delicious but I would recommend having the Penne Vodka or Chicken Parm. These are just two of my favorite choices but anything you choose will be great.

SPQR is another fabulous, Zagat rated Italian restaurant located in Little Italy. This is a very upscale Italian restaurant that would be great to go to with a date. The serve classic Italian food such as spaghetti and meatballs, chocolate cake and offer prix fixed lunch and dinner. You don’t have to go with a date you can also go with a group of people. I was just there with a bachelorette party and I have to say the service for a large party was great. The prices are a bit high here so it is a good idea to be prepared when you go there. Again, this is another restaurant that it is a good idea to make a reservation or you may not get it.

You will be able to find amazing Italian restaurants all over New York but these are just three of my favorites that you should try and I promise you will not be disappointed if you do.

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