Must Visit New York City Delis

Brittany Reiher November 25, 2017 | Food Add comment

The word “Deli” originated from the German word “Delicatessen“, originally meant only this specially prepared food, according to Wikipedia. New York is very well know for its delis which come from various cultures: Jewish, German, Italian and many other. Delis usually sell sandwiches with different types of meets such as salami, pastrami, corned beef. Many delis offer bagels, pastries, pancakes, panini, waffles, omelets and baked goods and of course coffee and tea.

My favorite deli that is very famous Katz’s deli, which is located on 205 East Houston Street. This deli has been on many TV shows on the Travel and Food Network channels and it is also featured in the movie When Harry Met Sally. What people should know before they go is there is a ticket system that can be quite confusing so just be prepared when you get there.

The Carnegie Deli is another great deli that is located on 854 7th Ave. One thing to remember is that it is a cash only restaurant so be prepared when you go to pay. The food is so delicious here and it is very popular so you will probably have to wait to eat here. The sandwiches are huge so you could share it with 2 or 3 people however; they charge you $3 to share.

Artie’s Delicatessen is another one of my favorites and if you go you have to get the pastrami. I also love the Matzo Ball soup as well so it will be a hard choice when you go. This deli is located on 2290 Broadway, at 82nd St. The restaurant has your typical deli look with counters lining the windows and you may have to wait here as well but I have to say I didn’t wait as long here as the other two deli’s I mentioned.

Stage deli seems to be another very popular choice according to This deli is located on 834 Seventh Ave across the street from the Late Show studio. This is right in midtown so there is a lot of traffic in and out. Here you can order sandwiches called the Conan O’Brien and James Gandolfini, it is a tourists dream to eat here.

I am a big foodie so I love trying new restaurants and delis especially if I see them on the Travel channel or food network. I have to say though delis are one of my favorite places to try so I am telling you that you cant go wrong with any of these choices.

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