Follow “Made in New York” Olympic Games Athletes – London 2012

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london 2012 It’s surely not easy to become a member of Olympic team. But here are a few athletes for New York  who made it for London 2012 Olpympic Games! Follow their tweets

We all should be proud of their hard work and dedication! Here is the list of athletes (Let us know if we missed anyone!)


Carmelo Anthony, born in Brooklyn, NY
Tyson Chandler, New York,
Sue Bird, born in Syosset, NY

Marcus Browne, Staten Island, NY

Daryl Homer, Bronx, NY
Race Imboden, grew in Brooklyn, NY
Tim Morehouse, New York, NY
Nzingha Prescod, New York, NY

John Orozco, Bronx, NY

Nick Delpopolo, Amsterdam, NY

Cullen Jones, born in New York, NY
Kara Lynn Joyce, born in Brooklyn, NY
Lia Neal, New York, born in Brooklyn, NY

Track & Field
Kara Goucher, born Queens, NY
Maria Michta, New York, NY
Alysia Montano, born Queens, NY

Amanda Clark, Shelter Island, NY

Let’s be proud and support the Team USA! Do you know them? Share your comments or follow their tweets

Image by Michael Pead [CC-BY-SA-2.0-uk], via Wikimedia Commons

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