Popular NYC Delivery Services For Food, Alcohol, Groceries And Everything Else

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As fall comes to an end and the crisp fall weather turns into viciously cold winter winds and disgustingly sloppy slush, the thought of trudging through the elements to run errands sounds as unappealing as ever. Thankfully, NYC is equipped with enough resources that you can get pretty much ANYTHING delivered right to your door.

Seamless.com, Delivery.com, and GrubHub.com. All of these online services offer easy ordering from restaurants all over the city.  You can filter by location, distance, cuisine, price, etc.  The best part is they’re all in competition with each other so they’re always handing out discounts and promo codes to apply to your next order.

Type in your zip code and libation of choice (beer, wine, or liquor) and have your alcohol delivered to your door within an hour courtesy of boozecarriage.com.  Just be sure to have your ID ready when they arrive.

Order online and get groceries delivered right to your home or office using freshdirect.com.  With their 100% freshness guarantee, you’re sure to be satisfied. Peapod Another option for online grocery shopping, peapod.com can have your order delivered to you as early as tomorrow.  Get anything from prepared foods to health and beauty aids.  You can shop 7 days a week and chose a delivery window that works for you.

Use Spotlesscity.com to find your neighborhood dry cleaner, then schedule pick up AND delivery online!

Amazon.com has just about everything you could ever need and probably at a better price point than your local bodega or grocery store.  If the thought of waiting around all day for your package to arrive stresses you out, try the Amazon locker service.  Amazon locker delivers your package to a site of your choosing around the city.  They’ll notify you when the package is there and you can retrieve it at your leisure.  No more missed package notifications!

Go to postmates.com to download an app that will allow you to get pretty much anything delivered to your door in under an hour.  Deliveries start at $5. eBay Now Similar to postmates, eBay now allows you to shop what’s available at the stores in your neighborhood and have it delivered in about an hour- $5 delivery with a $25 order minimum. Task Rabbit

Use your neighbors to outsource your errands and tasks on taskrabbit.com.  Simply visit the website and post your task along with your price (or request bids)- no need to make payment until the task is complete.  You can request anything from grocery shopping to handyman services!

With all these incredible resources, you won’t have to leave your house till spring!

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