NYC Summer Fashion Trends – Sundresses, Sunglasses and More…

Brittany Reiher July 19, 2012 | Shopping Add comment

NY Fashion in NY Summer fashion is a wonderful thing especially if you are walking around New York City. New York is filled with the season’s hottest fashions that are just to die for. Walking around the streets is like browsing a store window.

This year mostly all I have seen walking around is bright colored clothing. Also, I have seen many people wearing bright colored jean-leggings. They are bright and cute but I think you need to be a certain body type to pull them off. It can be a bit much wearing aqua pants and a bright top. It’s like a flashback to the 80’s.

Hats are big this year as well. Fedoras are my favorite. I am guilty on having 2 or 3 of those in my beach collection this year. Along with fedoras floppy hats have made a come back as well. I am not crazy about these. Sometimes it is just too much hat and not enough head to fill it.

Sundresses are another very popular clothing item this summer and I can see why. They are light, airy, and easy to pull out of your closet and slip on when you are in a rush. They are perfect to wear on a day out shopping or even to work if you are allowed casual dress in the summer. You can dress them up with some jewelry and cute sandals and be on your way looking great! I have seen these dresses in a patterns and lengths. My favorite dresses I have seen are the solid bright colors. If that doesn’t scream summer I don’t know what does.

I have also seen big sunglasses walking around the streets. I always say the bigger the better. Sunglasses are a great accessory that will go with every outfit. The retro cat-eye sunglasses are also back in style, which I think are adorable. Also, one of my absolute favorites the wayfarers. Many high-end brands like Ray-Ban sell this style but you can also get a cheap pair that looks just as cute.

The footwear I have seen walking around is better than ever. Flat sandals seem to be the most popular form of footwear this summer. The sandals filled with sparkles and flowers are my favorite. They make your feet look all dressed up. Also elaborate heels seem to be very popular in bright colors that make feet pop.

I really love all of the fashion out for this summer. It is really unique than the past few summer styles have been.

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