Finding Best Gyms in New York

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Finding Best Gyms in New York

While running to catch the train and dragging groceries cross town to your 5th floor walk up may make living in NYC seem like a full body workout, chances are you still need a place to sweat it out on a regular basis. When choosing a gym, be sure to consider all of these factors:

1. Gym Location. Would it be more convenient for you to join a gym by your home or by your office?  Will you actually go if the gym is more than a few blocks away?

2. Gym Offerings. What equipment do you need access to?  Will there be enough of it available during your workout time?  I’m thinking treadmills and ellipticals at peak hours.  Almost as bad as the subways.

3. Gym Amenities. Do you need access to well maintained locker rooms with showers and towels?  How about a sauna or steam room?

4. Accountability. If you need a group setting to get you motivated, are you looking into the class schedule to see what offerings are available to you?

5. Gym Price. What’s your budget?

Now with all those questions answered, here are some of the top gyms in NYC for you to consider.

Crunch Fitness..
With locations throughout Manhattan and access to the full range of equipment and fitness classes, Crunch offers something for everyone.  Go to their website and get a free day pass to check it out.  Be aware that membership includes many separate costs: enrollment fee, monthly fee, monthly dues, and processing fee.  Go to the website to estimate your projected payment.

David Barton Gym.
If you are looking for space, amenities, and a chic and trendy NYC vibe, David Barton Gym is for you.  With four NYC locations offering classes that range from “Dance Strong” to “Barton Bootcamp” and access to top of line trainers, the resources are all in place for you to get the maximum burn.  Membership is typically over $100/month.  For more information and a customized membership quote visit

Equinox Gym.
For a full service experience from the workout floor, to swimming pools, to top of the line Kiehl’s products for use in the locker rooms, Equinox provides an extensive menu of amenities and services at their twenty some locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Visit to view the offerings at the location nearest you along with pricing information.

New York Sports Club
With over fifty locations throughout the five boroughs, New York Sports Club is NYC’s most accessible workout option.  Classes from pilates to kickboxing are included in membership.  You can start with a trial membership of 30 days for $30.  For more information check out

Dolphin Fitness Gym
Dolphin Fitness has gym locations in Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island. Offers workouts, free weights, cardiovascular, exercise machines, personal training. Many locations open 24 hours gym and gym memberships could be purchased online . Check out to find Dolphin gym close to you.

Planet Fitness
For the budget conscious who want flexibility, Planet Fitness offers 24-hour gym access Monday through Friday in addition to long weekend hours.  After the $20 initiation fee, memberships start at just $10 per month with no commitment required.  Check out to find a branch near you.

No Gym.
For those with more restrictive budgets, New York City itself offers a variety of ways to workout on the cheap.  From free fitness classes at Yoga to the People, New York Public Library, and the many running and athletic apparel stores throughout the city, to the innumerable parks, bridges, and bikeways, there is always a to stay in shape.

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