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Brittany Reiher July 26, 2012 | Things To Do in New York City Add comment

broadway shows ny Another wonder thing about the beautiful city of New York is the amazing variety of Broadway shows. Broadway shows are wildly entertaining and you really can’t go wrong with which one you see. The actors and actresses are truly amazing and so talented it’s unbelievable. Your eyes will be amazed by anyone of these shows. However, I do have a few favorites of my own.

My first all time favorite Broadway show is The Lion King. This show has been around for many, many years and if you see it you will know exactly why. The actors in this show bring one of my favorite animated Disney movies to life. The singing, dancing, and costumes are exquisite and will leave the audience wanting more. There are shows playing through out the week and they perform at the Minskoff Theatre.

Wicked is another amazing play that is worth seeing. It is the untold story from the witches in The Wizard of Oz. The music is incredible and the show is non-stop entertainment. This show is great to enjoy with your kids. It is full of fantasy and adventure seeing a different side of a classic movie. Wicked plays Tuesday through Sunday at the Gershwin Theatre.

My third favorite show is Chicago. I have seen this one a couple of times with different actors and each time it was equally good. This isn’t really a show for children but perfect for a girls’ night out. The show is just fun and the songs make you want to get up and sing along. It is very easy to get right into this play. Chicago plays Tuesday through Sunday at the Ambassador Theater.


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Mary Poppins is another amazing show that is a must see with your family. It is fun and very entertaining. The effects are so entertaining you will want to come back and see it again and again. Mary Poppins plays through out the week at The New Amsterdam Theatre. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet get on right away.

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If you are looking for a show that you know all of the songs and makes you want to get up and dance than Rock of Ages is the right choice for you. Rock of Ages is such a fun show you will want to enjoy it with a lot of friends. The songs are great and the actors are very talented. Rock of Ages plays Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Helen Hayes Theatre.

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