Top Tips for New York Winter Clothing

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Top Tips for New York Winter Clothing

Planning to visit New York City? Here are few tips for New York Winter Clothing so you can stay warm and comfortable.

If you’ve ever watched any movie set in New York, you likely have this idea in your mind that New Yorkers dress fashionably all the time, even if it’s snowpacolypsing outside.

Luckily, New York doesn’t look like the set of The Devil Wears Prada when the snow and ice through town. In fact, most New Yorkers ditch the fashion and bundle up like the Michelin Man to go outside. At the end of the day, New York winter clothing is just like everyone else’s.

How cold is New York in winter?

Winters in New York are typically cold. Winter starts in December and ends in March or early April. Winter temperatures frequently drops below freezing point with wind chills

New Yorkers understand how cold it gets in their city, particularly with the wind chill. The skyscrapers funnel cold wind down the streets into huge gusts you couldn’t imagine. That wind chill is something many tourists haven’t grasped, and you can always tell a tourist by their lack of winter clothing when visiting New York.

If you’re taking a trip to New York this winter, check out tips from the expert to ensure you’re well equipped to take on the New York wind and cold.

New York Winter Clothing for Beginners

While many travel websites will tell you to pack lightly, don’t pack lightly if it means sacrificing layers of warmth if you’re visiting New York in winter.

Base Layers

Layers are your friend. Seriously. When packing New York winter clothes, make sure you have a solid base layer. A long-sleeve plain cotton tee with a wool sweater works for men and women and is as fancy as you need to be for sightseeing.

For the bottom layers, women should consider purchasing thermal leggings that reflect heat inward to wear under their pants. Men might find a pair of long johns or thermal underwear to be useful, too.

Don’t forget your feet! Thick wool socks are the only way to go if you’re spending tons of time outside.

What shoes to wear in New York winter?

Even if it’s not projected to snow during your visit, still wear watertight shoes. They should be thick, have good grip, and be comfortable to walk in.

What kind of jacket do I need in New York?

Your most important piece of clothing will be your winter coat. Wear one that’s built for negative degree weather or double up if you don’t have a high-tech down jacket. You want a layer that will break the wind and keep you warm.

Choose heavy pants like wool or jean that will help block the wind. Have a few spares in case you get caught in a puddle.

Your other must-haves will be a very warm hat that covers your ears, a thick wool scarf to keep your neck covered, and thick gloves.

As a bonus, you can also slip some hand warming packs into your pockets which activate when you squeeze them.

Where to buy good winter clothing in New York?

If you are in New York and would like to buy a winter clothing in New York, visit Century 21 Department Store. They are offering a wide selection of discounted trendy clothing, shoes , accessories and more.

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Final Thoughts

Remember, don’t be self-conscious about looking like a marshmallow. Your trip to New York will be much more enjoyable if you are moderately warm rather than freezing the entire time. Also, layering is the best way to stay warm outside and adjust as necessary when you visit indoor attractions.

Now, bundle up, and happy exploring!

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